3D Designs . . . Reed/Case Stuffers 

Here's a design or two for reed/case stuffers. Since we can't have a real tuned-pipe, the only really good way to make power is to reduce the amount of "dead air" inside the crankcase. It's pretty cramped in there already, but one huge void is the area between the reed plate and the crankshaft. 

So, these two designs were done to fill this area and provide a horizontal tunnel for the incoming intake charge. Won't be able to use the stock reed plate - so V-style cages are in order. See other articles for those.

The first one uses a "square" intake tract. Why square? Well, if I am going to have to weld this up, square tubing is available.


The second design I laid out has an oval design. It's not completed, but was a good exercise anyway:




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