3D Designs . . . Steering Post Assembly 

One of my earliest ideas. This bad boy was supposed to be done so that there are no fasteners to look at (protrude). So . . . once you did a face-plant onto this thing you'd just have a nice round bruise. Though about getting an ice silk-screened print done on a padded-vinyl cover.

This design is a 4-piece affair. The steering tube, the center piece which has the lower handlebar mount and through-holes for the fasteners and the top piece. Not shown is the center-tightening bolt, the clamp bolts or the hole for the roll-pin. Lost interest in this one pretty quickly.



I just completed a final assembly drawing for this - so envision that the handlebar mounting bolts come up through the bottom to the threaded holes in the handlebar cover. Also envision the WETBIKE logo engraved in the top cover (if a cover wasn't put on).




Copyright 2011 Capt'n Obveeus

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