3D Designs . . . C-Ring Holder for Lathe 

The Problem - A suzuki motor I was working on had the grooves machined in the block too shallow. I have never seen that before and didn't really know how to get around it. Since it was Saturday afternoon, I took some time to create a tool to hold the rings so that I could grind down the OD on a late with a toolpost grinder.

The Solution - The idea behind this tool is that it's a 2-piece design that will hold 2 C-rings when clamped together. Then, the whole assembly would be chucked up into a lathe. A toolpost grinder would be used to grind the hardened rings down.

The Reality - Luckily I never had to use this thing. John at Northern Crankshafts came to the rescue. Apparently there are rings for Sea Doos that are thinner than the Suzuki's and worked great. He shipped a couple to me at no charge. Great guy and he'll continue to get all of my business.

Here's a pic or two:







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