3D Designs . . . Cylinder Head Designs 

Have come up with a few different engine designs for a wetbike. They will fit 50 or 60 hp motors. Things in this area are always evolving and it seems like there's a new design just around the corner. I'll try to capture some of these ideas as they were done (historical timeline).

The Ingredients

First of all, the main ingredient to these head designs is the "removable domes". This gives lots of flexibility when building motors. Not only can domes with different volumes be crated, but domes with different "squish bands" and different combustion domes can be done. 

Why is that important? When you have pistons with different angles on the domes and/or flat-tops, you need to have different squish band designs (angle and width). Secondly, domes with a torodial design develop more power and are less prone to detonation in high-compression 2-stroke engines. Will they work on wetbikes? I dunno but I wanna try one.

The Designs 

There are a couple of things to look for in these designs. Making the domes removable was the easy part. Designing the cover was tough. As I was doing it, I began to wonder if the design would actually hold cooling water without leaking. As I moved forward, I think I came to the conclusion that the "clamshell" design would be OK for a prototype, but not the final. I believe a 1-piece head design would be best. Envision a big 3" slab of aluminum sitting up on a CNC end mill and just having the machine hog-out the design. Eventually a casting would be made much cheaper.

Ok enough of the babble - here's the pics:

The first design with the impossible-to-produce cover (unless a casting is done). Also would need an O-ring and/or "silly cone" in order to make it seal up.



Next up is a design with a smoother cover. At this point, I just didn't think it would hold water so I didn't put mounting holes in it:


Finally, here's a couple of pics of the "plate" - part of a 2-piece head design:



Here's a couple of pics of the standard domes and the "toroidal" design:





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