3D Designs . . . Exhaust Related Ideas 

Here's a few pics of various exhaust modifications I had in mind. These items are designed to replace the Stainless Steel Exhaust Shower that's inside the top of the exhaust can.

Concept: To enable the exhaust to have a smoother transition when making the 180 degree transition. Currently the exhaust comes out of the exhaust diffuser and slams into the flat surface of the exhaust shower assembly that's in the top of the can. I thought a "trumpet" type of arrangement might make sense.

Designs: The first couple of designs were done with the idea that the parts would be sand-cast (inexpensive). To that end, the molds would probably be made of wood first. Later, I thought I would have a sample made using the 3D printing technologies - thus a thin-walled design was created and STL files were done.

Initial Designs

Ok, the first couple of designs were done with the assumption that they would be made out of wood - and probably sawn in two in order to make the molds for sand-casting.

This first one is fairly rudamentary and would just be welded into the top of the exhaust. Simple and easy to manufacture.

This next design was done with the 3d printing concept in mind. Not sure if the actual casting process would be feasable but was fun to do.


The Final Design 

Took that concept one step further and came up with this final design:







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