3D Designs . . . Aluminum Front Ski 

What's Different?, How's it made?, What should it look like?, What's missing?

Here are a couple of ideas I had for doing an Aluminum Front Ski.

What's different from current 60hp ski?

The Concept: Two-pronged idea to construct a new front ski that would "slice" through the rough stuff and be easily manufactured (aluminum)

The Design: In order to keep costs down and be easy to manufacture, I though that using aluminum tube would be an excellent starting platform. It's already shaped right - and fairly easy to work with (no fiberglass molds needed to be made). Secondly - if a fiberglass version was needed in the future, you could probably use this as a plug.

The ski retains the same length as a stock 60hp ski and the same 4" upward sweep at the front. The biggest change is the angle of the sides (not canted outward like a 60) and the center v-section.

Performance Objective: It is hoped that this ski will provide some "lift" when at speed. Also, it is anticipated that the center "V" will help cut through the chop. Finally, if the proper thickness of material is used, this ski should be stronger than stock - and still weigh approximately the same

How's it made?

This ski is made by slitting a piece of aluminum tube lengthwise to create 2 halves. To create the "rise" of 4 inches, the tubes need to have a few slits made (not all of the way through) and then bent upward. In order to pull the sides in slightly, similar slits will need to be made on the inside edges. The goal is to be able to lift the front up-and-in slightly.

Finally, I thought about adding a small piece in the center to use as a guide - so the ski will be a 3-piece weld-up with an plate welded on top as the final piece.

What should it look like?

Here's a couple of pics of what I think it should look like. Note some of the distortion in the design because I couldn't get a perfect compound curve.



What's Missing?

Well . . . the big thing that's unknown and/or missing is the "spray guard". Until one is built and actually hits the water, it's not know if the ski will squirt water out the front like a flat ski does.

Until that happens - we just don't know.

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