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Intake Vent, Lower Hull Fitting, Mounting Handle

Topic:                Glossary of various hull parts

Real Name:        Vent, Intake

Common Name:  Air intake, Air Scoop

Function:             Directs air into hull while trying to keep most of the water out


Notes:                 Most of these crack after a few years - especially if the screws are over-tightened

                          Most do not sit flat on the hull. That is, the corners touch, but the middle bows upward a little.

Real Name:        Retainer, Steering Bearing

Common Name:  Lower hull fitting

Function:             Fitting that the Nylon steering bearing rides against.


Notes:                 Will eventually crack if bike is ridden hard. Jumping and crashing seem to bring this on.

                          Is also a source of water intrusion into hull - should be removed and re-sealed with 5200.

Real Name:        Handle, Mounting

Common Name:  Grab Handles, side handles, lifting handles

Function:             To assist mounting of the wetbike - not for lifting


Notes:                 The sun will dry-rot these things something fierce.

                          No longer available 





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