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Topic: Scoops - Which is which?

The question comes up frequently - Which scoop is which? Followed shortly with the other common question - "Which one is best for me"?

Will try to answer those questions here:


There are at least 3 scoop style out there. Two were produced by the various Wetbike Manufacturers (Artic Cat, Wetco, Seacrest Industries, and Ultranautics - did I miss any?). The third style was produced by WPS or Watercross of Texas (not sure on the history of that one - but will update when I figure it out).

SUPER SCOOP - the first one produced. It has 2 big blades, 4 mounting bolts and was red. Unique features - the quality on these castings is horrid at best - with many showing repairs. However, the paint or powercoat they used is hell to try to remove. Works best with pumps that do not have a speed plug (intake fairing) installed.

ULTRA SCOOP - this one was usually black and started showing up when Tomcats came out. It has several blades with slits between them and 2 big mounting bolts and 2 studs that went up through the ski - with locknuts on them. Unique features - the 2 studs that stick up through the ski, the side-vents that bleed off water, the slits between blades and the "twisted" casting. Yep - if you look at it from the front, the blades are not horizontal. Never have seen one that is straight. Also, the leading edge of the front blade actually sticks up so far that it blocks water flow. Works best with high performance impellers (clipped-ear, bronze or either of the Skat Trak Stainless ones) and a speed plug. Also used on Seaflashes and Jetstars - with speed plugs. On 1992 models the speed plug was part of the casting - and - the ultra scoop blades were narrowed to fit these pumps.

PRO SCOOP - Initially this thing looks like a modified Super Scoop. However, the blads are sitting much farther forward. Unique features - beefy and clean design. Also works best with high performance impellers (clipped-ear, bronze or either of the Skat Trak Stainless ones) and a speed plug.

1978-1984 stock pumps (no speed plug) - SUPER SCOOP

1978-1984 pump w/speed plug - SUPER SCOOP (mod is optional - see tech article) or ULTRA SCOOP

PRO SCOOP - works best on 60hp bikes (unless rider weighs under 150 lbs) with speed plug. Works especially well with bronze prop, higher compression TMX Carbs and WPS pipe.

Some Pics of the various scoops.

SUPER SCOOP (blasted, massaged and repainted)











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