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Topic:           So, just what should a carburetor rebuild consist of?

Good question - and I'll try to answer that one.

Full Rebuild

If you are doing a full rebuild (99% of the time it's wholly unnecessary). (Note that this applies to the newer-style carbs - not the oldie 50hp carbs. You can tell the older ones by the shape of the tube that the emulsion tube screws into. If it's round - awesome. If it looks like there are 2 tubes on each side, then DO NOT replace the emulsion tube with the one listed) Also - never submerge carbs in something like Berryman's B-12 carb cleaner - unless you are prepared to disassemble the shafts and replace the shaft seals (and where will you find those, new shafts, and new screws?)

You will need the following (page 52 in parts manual):

QTY CPC           Description

2   10-3012-098 Screw, Pilot Air (new style with small head)

2   10-3011-552 Nozzle (Emulsion Tube)

2   10-3010-377 Valve Assy (Needle and Seat)

2   10-3010-382 Gasket, Valve Assy.

2   10-3011-553 Gasket, Float Chamber (bowl)

2   10-3012-354 Float

Quickie Rebuild

If you are just gonna do a quickie rebuild (cleanup, inspection, and reassembly) you'll probably only need the following:

Nothing - almost 99% of the time. You might need a needle/seat/gasket but I doubt it.

A little aerosol carb cleaner (I like Berryman's B-12 myself) and some gnarly pipe-cleaners (the ones with the little plastic bits work awesome for cleaning out passage ways).





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