Kit - Tuneup Kit For Wetbikes 

Topic:              Tuneup Kit for wetbikes.

Parts Needed

2 NGK BR8HS Spark Plugs Gapped to 24-28

1 Fuel Filter Preferences vary, but we have had best luck with the see-thru, paper type

dab Dialectic Grease (see below)

Work To Be Done

If you are serious about a tuneup then you need to do the following:

  • Remove and clean up the carburetors - seriously
  • Remove the fuel filter and carefully blow the lines clear. Don't use more than about 5psi of air - that way you won't damage the fuel pump
  • Remove and clean the fuel pump (optional step) - but only if you had a bunch of crud show up in your carbs (debris getting around the fuel filter.
  • Replace the spark plugs. Hint: A little anti-seize goes a long way on the threads (optional step)
  • If you suspect corrosion and/or weird, intermittent miss in the ignition, unscrew the spark plug boots, snip about 1/8 to 1/4" off of the wire and screw boot back on. Hint: A little dialectic grease on the outside of the freshly trimmed wire goes a long way to keep moisture out.
  • Unplug the main wiring harness and inspect. If you see any corrosion or discolored pins, plan to order up a spare (both sides). If you have unplugged the battery, you can use a brush to clean up the pins (carefully). Then use a "dab" of dialectic grease on the female side and reconnect.

If you need wiring harnesses, they are still available and reasonably priced. Not sure on the status of the 50hp harnesses though.

  • 60HP console side engine side
  • 10-4000-219 10-4000-221

While you are at it, take a minute to inspect the ground wires - repair/clean if necessary.

Final Tuneup Step

Synchronize the carbs. If you don't have one of the electronic types, I highly recommend them. Here's the procedure: Synchronizing the Carburetors




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