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Topic:                           What should I know about them?

Well, they changed over the years. The 50 hp pistons look pretty much the same, but I believe the new rings are different. So . . . if you are just re-ringing your pistons, you need to measure the thickness so that you can order the right ones from your supplier.

60 hp pistons not only changed the rings, but the casting is now beefier in the skirt area. Also, the port in the side is noticeably smaller.

How Should I Fit New Pistons?

I have my machinist bore/hone so that i get a 3 1/2 thousands clearance (.0035). Then I use a very conservative and rigorous break-in procedure (see tech article on motor break in)

What Else Should I Know?

If you are replacing pistons, you need to replace the piston pin, the bearing, and circlips.


What Else?

The new 60 hp pistons are slightly heavier than the old ones, but the pins are much lighter. So . . . don't mix-and-match. If you put a new piston in one hole and have an older style in the other, you'll have an engine that vibrates a lot (buzzes at certain rpms)





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