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Old Starter's Dead - Now What?

So, your starter in your Ultranautics pwc is dead and you can't find a good used one. What are your options?

You Can Buy New From Suzuki:

Prepare to shell out just shy of $400.00 US for a new one.

You Can Buy A New One From Goki Manufacturing:

New Goki starters are still available through Certified Parts Corporation. If installing on a 60hp, you'll need to "clearance" the bottom starter mount casting so that the Goki can be completely vertical. Failure to do so will result in premature failure and/or engagement/disengagement issues.

Other Starters That Will Work:

There are several other Hitachi starters that will work. In my opinion the one to look for is a S114-555. It's the one used on the Suzuki DT-75 and DT-85 motors. Look for them on ebay and craigslist.

Do They Bolt Right Up?

Absolutely. The only thing is they aren't drilled for the mounting of the solenoid. No big deal though . . . just mount the solenoid onto one of the upper starter bolts. Looks precarious just hanging there in the breeze but works just fine.




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