Performance Kit . . . Designed by WBBrian 

Velocity Stacks, Exhaust Diffuser Modification, Exhaust Can Modification, Powervalve, Speedplug, Scoops and Thru Hull Exhaust

Topic:                  WBBrian came up with a performance package that consisted of the following:

  • Aluminum Velocity Stacks
  • Modified Exhaust Diffuser
  • Tall Exhaust Can
  • Powervalve - welded to end of exhaust pipe
  • Speed Plug - Fiberglass
  • Scoop - either a modified Super Scoop or Pro Scoop
  • Thru-Hull Exhaust

Velocity Stacks

Details are found here - Velocity Stacks

And here are a couple of the pics:


Exhaust Diffuser Modification

Details are found here - Exhaust Diffuser Mod

And a pic showing what the modification consists of  . . . 

Exhaust Can Modification

If you already had a tall can, this modification is not necessary. If you have the short 50hp stack, or the intermediate-length stack, then this modification is necessary if you do the Exhaust Diffuser Mod.

Powervalve (Exhaust Tube Attachment)

Details are found here - Powervalve (exhaust)

Speed Plug (Intake Fairing)

Some pics of his speed plug installs



Details are found here - SCOOPS - Modifying Them for Performace

Here's a couple of pics of an Ultra Scoop and Pro Scoop


Thru Hull Exhaust

This is an idea Brian came up with that combined a powervalve and a thru-hull fitting. Worked great but I believe he said "it's so loud you can't hear yourself think". I also remember him saying that it didn't add much noticeable improvement in power over powervalve in the exhaust pipe. Meaning . . . the single exhaust baffle in the pump was not robbing any power.





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