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2 Thumbs up on Wetbikebrian's Skis - wwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy uuuuupppppp.


      • 1992 1240 - Stock Motor, Pump, Scoop, with new REAR SKI and my new Stainless SKEG.
      • 198? 60hp - Bored-out motor, ported, polished, WPS Pipe, Exhaust Spacer, modified Carbs, fresh rebuild, Aluminum Speed Plug, older Super Scoop with brand new SKIs front and rear (and my SKEG).


      • Quick to Plane - this is the best feature - they plane immediately - bike stays flat. Standing-up when you start is now optional (and I'm 250lbs)
      • Cornering - they stay planted and don't wander or flex. In fact, it takes a little getting used to. They hold a line so well that you run the risk of throwing yourself over the high side if you're not ready for the G-Forces
      • WOT turns - Full-Throttle, handle-bar-dragging turns are now the norm. Creates a new problem - how do you keep the water from dragging your body off of the bike - since you're dragging from the knee to the shoulder?
      • Choppy water - this is the second-best feature about these skis. They keep the bike in the water (where it pulls) instead of bouncing around all over the place. We did a side-by-side comparison with Dave riding my 1992 model against me on my 1987 silverstreak. When running in the chop, Dave just sat on the seat with the throttle wide open and bounced a couple of times high enough to let the pump catch air, but the ride was rock-solid. Me - I had to stand up, was bouncing side-to-side like a horse with an inner-ear problem (thanks Andrew for the analogy) and pounding the crap out me. Within about 400 yards Dave was over 100 yards ahead of me. The difference was incredible
      • Going slow - you can slow down to what seems like about 10 knots and stay on plane. If you start to sink, a quick blip of the throttle brings you right back on top. Andy what's so weird is that you're not doing the snakey-turning-rolling-left, rolling-right thing either. Just sit there and point it where you want to go. We had a new rider with us who had only ridden a 50hp bike a decade ago - and he was astounded at how easy it was to ride again. After he got comfortable on the 1992 model we put him on the 1986 - the one with the single ski pole support. He said it was "squishy" feeling
      • Finish - the top texture really is easy to get traction on when wet. I thought it'd be a little slippery, but I was wrong. Wearing sandals or wetsuit booties, I was always able to get traction - even when trying to mount-up in the middle of 2 or 3 foot rollers.


      • The rear corners are kinda sharp. You have to get used to being around the longer ski.
      • The ski is longer - so, while you're mounting it and floating around you have to learn not to catch your shins or your toes. Just takes a little while to learn - like the trailer hitch on the truck. You only have to hit it once to remember it's there.


In a nutshell - we all were surprised at how much difference the ski makes (1992 model has stock front ski). Starting, going slow, holding a line, choppy-water stability and top speed were all enhanced with these skis.

If you have a cracked rear ski - don't dare put a stocker back on. Instead, fork over a couple of extra dollars and get one of Brian's skis. If you have the old square front ski, it's more than worth it to upgrade to Brian's front ski.





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