How To - Adjust The Timing

Topic:                           Adjust Wetbike Timing

Expertise Required:      Minimal

Estimated Time:            1 Hour

Parts Neeed:                 None 

Tools Needed:               You will need the following tools:

        • Hand-impact for stator screws
        • 3lb Hammer
        • Flashlight

Step-By-Step:               Here's how to get it done


The ignition system consists of no moving parts. The ignition timing should hav to be set once and then remain unchanged unless the stator position is moved or an ignition component is changed.


1. Connect a timing light to the engine.


2. Start the engine and run the engine at 1,000 rpm. At this engine speed, timing mark B must align with mark A on the magneto case.


3. If the timing marks align as mentioned, timing is correct. If the marks do not align, loosen the two screws securing the stator plate and rotate stator in the correct direction. If an unstable timing is indicated by the timing light, a faulty PEI unit might be indicated.


4. Tighten the screws and check ignition timing


  Timing Advance                Position


  1000 rpm                          8deg BTDC


  5000 rpm                         25deg BTDC


Be sure to check accuracy of tachometer if unexplained variations in timing are being observed.


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