How To - Degreeing a Wetbike Engine 

Expertise Required, Estimated Time, Parts Needed, Tools Needed, Step-By-Step, Pics

Topic:                           If you are going to check/verify/modify the PORT TIMING, then you must Degree your motor.

Expertise Required:      If you are rebuilding your motor, then you can do this

Estimated Time:            About an hour to do a thorough job. Getting setup takes about 10 minutes, and measuring/recording the results take the remainder.

Parts Needed:               Degree wheel kit. I used this one.

Tools Needed:               Crescent wrench to turn flywheel nut.

Step-By-Step:               Read the instructions for your degree wheel kit

  • Install wheel onto crankshaft and tighten nut finger tight
  • Figure good location to get pointer installed correctly (fuel pump or coil mount boss)
  • Figure out how to mount dial indicator securely
  • Get your wheel set so that you can verify TDC (top dead center) and BDC (bottom dead center)
  • Rotate engine around so that you can see exhaust port start to open (record degrees of rotation)
  • Do the same for the main, aux, and the boost ports. Note that the boost ports open at a different time than the mains and aux (by design)
  • Use a caliper to also measure the distance from the top of the deck to the roof of all of the ports (record these)
  • Rotate motor to BDC and measure the height again. This will give you the size of the ports (port opening) accurately
  • Use these measurements to create a plan-of-action for porting

Pics:                             Here's a few pics I took a while back


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