How To - Durarods (Soldering Aluminum)

Parts Needed, Tools Needed, Step-By-Step, Notes

Topic:                           Durarods - used for fixing Aluminum

                                    Company Website:  Durafix

Expertise Required:      Intermediate

Estimated Time:            Depends on amount of fixing needed

Parts Neeed:                 You will need the following parts:

Tools Needed:               You will need the following tools:

      • Mapp Gas Torch - or Oxy/Acetelene with rosebud tip

Step-By-Step:               Here's step-by-step instructions on how to get it done:

      • By all means use the instructions on their website
      • Pay special attention to the prep of the aluminum (just like you would for tig welding)

Notes:                        Here's a few pix of the rods and what I used them on:





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