How To - Installing Front Ski Bumper

Parts Needed, Tools Needed, Before You Begin, Dive In, Out With The Old, On With The New, Lining Things Up, What Should I expect? Care And Feeding

Topic:                           How do you replace stock bumper with new elastomer type

Expertise Required:      Beginner

Estimated Time:            about only 30 minutes or so

Parts Neeed:               You will need the following parts:

      • The new bumper kit

Tools Needed:             You will need the following tools:

      • Allen Wrench
      • 2 x 4 about 10 inches long

Before You Begin:         You will only need an allen wrench to install the bumper - but you might need a friend or cherry-picker (engine hoist) too to raise the front end up.

If you get a 2 x 4 about 8 to 10 inches long, it makes a perfect "wedge" to put in between the steering tube and the lower foot to hold it up.

Dive In:                          Get that baby up in the air and make sure it's stable. Wetbikes are top heavy, so be careful. Have that friend stand by just in case.

Out With The Old:          Twist and pull on the stock bumper and it'll pull out. Some bikes might have a "cobbled on" bumper setup - usually with a long wood screw. Take all of that junk off and cleanup any sharp edges left behind.

On With The New:           Take a minute to read the supplied instructions carefully.

Follow the supplied instructions to get tab inserted. Hint: unscrew the screw almost all of the way out - only hanging by a thread. This makes it easier to get tab up and positioned correctly.

Lining Things Up:         Get it lined up and tighten down the bolt. Here's a good example of bad alignment. Not quite centered.

What Should I Expect?      Well . . . the ride is amazing. You'll probably wonder how you managed to live this long without one.

Also, you can expect the bumper to loosen up a bit and move around. Just keep an eye on it and re-align and tighten it occasionally.

Care And Feeding:              When sitting still or transporting, it's recommended to put some sort of block (or pipe) in the bumper. This wll keep it from sagging. There have been lots of different styles from wolmanized wood railing, pvc pipe (sinks unless you fill with foam), and wood blocks to nylon/plastic bar stock.





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