How Do I . . . Paint My Motor

Parts Needed, Tools Needed, Step-By-Step, Pics

Topic:                           How to prep and paint your motor

Expertise Required:      Intermediate

Estimated Time:            Hard to tell

Parts Needed:               You will need the following:

      • Paint remover - the stuff that also removes EPOXY paint
      • Wire brushes, putty knives, and elbow grease
      • Painter's tape - to mask off areas that won't be painted
      • Zinc Chromate Primer (for aluminum surfaces)
      • Paint - the good marine type (or epoxy based paint)
      • Paint Thinner and/or Cleaning Solvent
      • Lots of white cotton rags
      • At least 1 crappy shirt
      • Degreaser - Dawn dish soap works great
      • Hot Water - with Dawn in it

Tools Needed:               Various scrapers and cleaners

Step-By-Step:               Here's a step-by-step guide

      • Degrease block using all kinds of degreasers. Finish up with a rinse in Hot DAWN dishwashing liquid
      • Blowdry the block and IMMEDIATELY put oil in the cylinders to keep them from rusting
      • Let block dry good and then apply paint remover
      • Get block as clean as you can using wire brushes to get into all of the nooks and crannies - until you see bare aluminum
      • Rinse block again to get as much loose paint off as possible (re-oil the cylinders again)
      • Repeat the above until you just can't get any more paint off of the block assy or head
      • Use Air compressed air and blow any remaining water out of all of the threaded holes
      • Place pieces out in the sun for a couple of yours to really dry out good
      • Use your tape and mask off any areas that don't need to be painted (fuel pump boss, top of block surface, reed plate mounting surface, threaded studs, etc.
      • Blow any remaining dust off and apply primer per instructions.
      • When dry apply color coat (and any clear coats needed)
      • Pull off masking tape
      • Take a tap and clean all of the threaded holes - using compressed air too 






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