How To - Stud Removal

Parts Needed, Tools Needed, Step-By-Step, Notes

Topic:                           How to remove studs in Aluminum without breakage, stripped threads or too many curse words.

Expertise Required:      Beginner

Estimated Time:            About 1/2 hr per stud at first

Parts Neeed:               New stud?

Tools Needed:             You will need the following tools:

      • MAPP Gas torch
      • Double nuts or Vice Grips (if you don't plan to reuse stud/bolt)

Step-By-Step:             Here's step-by-step instructions on how to get it done:

 Get the area surrounding the stud HOT AS HELL - then use vice-grips or double-nuts and unscrew the stud.



Be careful - Aluminum will stay hot for an extremely long time.



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