How To - Thread Repair In Aluminum

Parts Needed, Tools Needed, Step-By-Step, Notes

Topic:                           How do you repair stripped threads in aluminum?

Expertise Required:      Intermediate

Estimated Time:            About 1/2 hr per hole

Parts Neeed:               You will need the following parts:

      • Small diameter drill bits (pilot holes)
      • A thread-repair kit from these guys (Timesert)

Tools Needed:             You will need the following tools:

      • Drill Press - assuming you can get part up there
      • Spring-Loaded Center Pumch
      • Map-Gaas Torch - this is your most valued tool !
      • Regular Drill
      • Compressed air or vaccuum cleaner
      • Tool for turning Tap and Rolled Thread Tool

Step-By-Step:             Here's step-by-step instructions on how to get it done:

      • Try your best to get old bolt out. If it is sticking up at all, weld a nut onto the end of it. The heat will shock things a bit and help the bolt break free
      • If that option isn't available, do your best to grind end flush
      • Take super-extra-care and use the center punch to get a punch in the exact center (or as close as you can)
      • Drill a tiny pilot hole all of the way through - taking care not to break off this pilot drill bit.
      • Step up through different drill sizes until you come to the one you use for the Time Sert. Carefully drill that one - making sure you clear the chips often (pull up on the drill occasionally)
      • Change over to the counterbore Timsert tool and counterbore hole
      • Follow their instructions and install the timesert (don't forget the drop of oil on the thread expander tool
      • Give it a blast of compressed air to clean away any chips - then hit it with WD40


TimeSert has some wonderful videos on their site. Please have a look at them.

Here's a few pics of messed-up threaded holes (in aluminum)



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