How To - Tuneup (wetbike, seaflash, jetstar, DT-50/60)

Parts Needed, Tools Needed, Before You Begin, The Quickie, The Not-So-Quickie, Don't Forget

Topic:                           So, your wetbike feels like it needs a tuneup? How do you do it?

Expertise Required:      Beginner

Estimated Time:            How long will it take?

      • Probably 2 hours if you are extremely thorough. 
      • If you just do a QUICKIE (change plugs, fuel filter and primer) - about 1 hour.

Parts Needed:               What parts are needed - or is there a tuneup kit available?

      • Spark Plugs - NGKBR8HS - gapped to .025 inch (any larger will overwork the coil)
      • Fuel Filter - I prefer a nice see-through, paper-type of filter. (Ethanol eats the glue out of the cheap ones)
      • Primer Bulb - I prefer to run the ones from Mercury Marine or Moeller
      • Fuel Line - I prefer the USCG line (big stuff) that's now ethanol resistant
      • Fuel Line - Tygon - Needed if you plan to replace the fuel pickup tube
      • AntiSeize - the kind made for spark plugs
      • Dialectic Grease - A little dab'll do ya
      • Gaskets - Carburetor gaskets may be needed if you tear them when removing the carburetors (to clean them out). If you are careful you'll be OK

Tools Needed:             What tools are needed?

      • Spark Plug Wrench - 13/16
      • Spark Plug Gapping Tool
      • Side-cutting Pliers (Dikes)
      • Screwdriver
      • Short 12mm wrench for carburetor nuts
      • 10mm for throttle cable (unless yours now has 11mm nuts)
      • Large Crescent (12 inch) and 9/16 wrench for anti-siphon valve

Before You Begin:          Be honest - is this task something you can handle yourself. If you are a gorilla - be careful with the sparkplugs and any fasteners. Also - be careful not to break/bend anything - especially the nylon fuel pump nipples.

The Quickie:             Here's step-by-step instructions on how to get it done:

      • Pull the spark plugs and put the new ones in.
      • Be sure to put a little dab of dialectic grease on the threads.
      • Notice how that stuff gets everywhere - just like 5200.
      • Tighten down the NEW sparkplugs - don't try to wring them off.
      • Unscrew the lower spark plug cap.
      • Cut about 1/4" off the end - so that you now can have fresh contact when you screw the cap back on.
      • Screw cap back on until it snugs up nicely.
      • Do the same for the other spark plug wire
      • Get a "dab" of dialectic grease and put on the spark plug porcelains. This will help keep the boots from sticking - and will help keep water out. Then slide the spark plug caps back on the sparkplugs
      • Remove the old fuel filter and install a new one
      • Chive on.

The Not-So-Quickie:       In addition to the items listed in the QUICKIE section, you will probably want to do the following:

      • Pull the motor first - so much easier to do a full tuneup. Only takes about 20 minutes
      • Pull the fuel pickup tube out of the tank, replace it and clean out the strainer (10-0510-358)
      • Pull the carburetors, clean out the bowls, clean out the Nozzles (10-3011-552), and blow air through all passages
      • Carefully remove ALL of the ground wires, clean them up with a wire brush and reconnect
      • Carefully remove the starter ground wire, clean it up, and reconnect it to the starter base bracket (very important)
      • Drain the grease out of the pump and replace
      • Use a new motorplate-to-pump gasket (10-3012-162) when going back together

Don't Forget                  Don't forget to do the rest of the job.

      • Pull that impeller and cleanup all of the edges and/or replace it
      • Make sure your wear ring is in good shape - replace if needed
      • Wax or WD-40 those skis - seriously 
      • Clean those battery terminals and cable ends prior to reassembly

Put everything back together and let it rip.




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