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Topic:                           Here is some Skat Trak Impeller stuff.


Why Switch To A Skat Trak?:

Since stock impellers are NLA (no longer availabe) - it's an easy choice.

11/13 - What should I expect?

That depends upon which stock impeller you are changing from.

If you have the straigh-edged stock impeller, you can expect better holeshot, snappier performance through the entire rpm range and maybe 1 or 2 mph gain on top end.

If you are switching from the clipped-ear (high elevation) impeller, you can expect the same as above. However, you might lose 1 or 2 mph on the top end.

Note: If you are over 200 lbs, then you will definately notice the improvement over either stock impeller.

12/15 - Should I run one?

Not really. This impeller requires a lot of torque to get the most gains out of. Unless you have the following modifications, I wouldn't recommend it.

1. Speed plug - either welded-in or fiberglass

2. Bushing - new bushing in nozzle. This impeller puts a lot of load on the system. If your bushing is worn, you can wipe out an impeller and wear ring quickly.

3. Pump - if you are running a 50hp pump, you will need to add a couple of extra thrust washers in front of the impeller so that the leading edges of the impeller will stay away from the pump housing.

4. Engine - you will need a combination of increased compression, bigger bore, cleaned-up and matched ports, and better reed/carburation setup. IMO, if you haven't increased the torque by at least 20%, then this impeller isn't for you.

What Else Should I Change?:

It makes sense to put on a new wear ring, new knocks, and o-rings when changing to a Skat-Trak.

It also makes sense to take some time and clean-up the stator veins in the nozzle. A little work with a hand file to smooth out the nicks and bumps goes a long way.

Finally - the condition of the nozzle bushing and seal is crucial. Doesn't hurt to change them both. Cheap insurance. Just be sure to put the seal in properly (open end out).

Note: If you are hardcore and/or your nozzle is damaged, a machine shop can fit a nice bronze bushing and oversize seal. Expensive but is an alternative to the stock bushing setup.






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